There are unique features of indigenous culture, both with regard to the culture of all indigenous peoples relating to specific understandings and links to their land and a general philosophy on life based on traditional knowledge. Of course there are also many differences between the distinct indigenous peoples across the whole of the country, and the site will over time try to cover information as many of those peoples as possible. The key section of this site is given over to statements by Indigenous Peoples themselves.

Lima Declaration of World Conference of Indigenous Women

Promote and Protect Rights to Land, Territory, Resources and Development of Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Minorities in ASEAN

Mi'kmaq urged to reclaim Crown land

Latin American indigenous groups join forces to fight dams

Going to Honduras – the reasons are simple

Mesoamerica: M4 Resolution of the Extractive Mining Model

Dene Nation Concerned About Emergency Preparedness from Toxic Tailings Pond

Mother Earth Should Not Be "Owned, Privatised and Exploited"

Declaration of the African Coalition for Corporate Accountability (ACCA)

Western Shoshone Carrie Dann: Civil disobedience one way to protect Mother Earth

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