Newmont Mining to pay fine for spill at Ghana mine

Date of publication: 
20 January 2010

DENVER (AP) – Newmont Mining Corp., one of the world’s biggest gold producers, said in a regulatory filing Wednesday it will pay a fine tentatively set at $4.9 million for a water-and-cyanide solution spill at a mine in Ghana.

A gauge malfunctioned which caused about 75 cubic meters of the solution to spill over the top of a holding pond in October, killing 800 to 850 fish in a drainage area near the mine site in midwestern Ghana.

There was no residual impact to the environment or the health of nearby residents, Newmont spokesman Omar Jabara said Wednesday.

The mixture —- mostly water with some sodium cyanide —- is used to process gold, he said.

The amount of the fine will be finalized after a meeting with Ghana officials, he said.

Newmont workers gave fresh water to residents in the area and are continuing to monitor the site.

Shares of Newmont Mining declined $2.86, or 6 percent, to $45.58 in midday trading. The stock has ranged from $34.40 to $56.45 over the past year.