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This section of the site is given over to specific resources associated with Indigenous Peoples. Some of the materials in this area of the site are downloadable, but there may be large files which will take time to download. The resources on offer include a range of Educational Materials, with materials suitable for exhibitions, a Photo Library, where you may download and re-use images as long as you credit the photographer, and any organisation if relevant, and a list of publications, from PIPLinks and others. Some of these are for free downloading, and some are listed as a bibliography.

Idle No More Movement Transcends Canada-Alaska Border

Yukon court decision could force BC to overhaul its antiquated mining laws

Press Statement From Chief Allan Adam regarding Highway 63 Roadblocks

Old way of doing business is dead

EPA Details Results of $100M Federal Effort to Clean up Navajo Uranium Contamination

'They know they are not alone': Anti-mining activists connect-the-dots in Oaxaca, Mexico

B.C. First Nation asks court to block Canada-China deal

Navajos and Appalachians protest Peabody Coal, protesters arrested

NDP MP Saganash tables bill to align federal laws with UN native declaration

Canadian native protesters block road to De Beers mine

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