Extractive industries

This section of the site is given over to specific resources associated with Indigenous Peoples. Some of the materials in this area of the site are downloadable, but there may be large files which will take time to download. The resources on offer include a range of Educational Materials, with materials suitable for exhibitions, a Photo Library, where you may download and re-use images as long as you credit the photographer, and any organisation if relevant, and a list of publications, from PIPLinks and others. Some of these are for free downloading, and some are listed as a bibliography.

Goldcorp Inc. linked to capture of Gregoria Cristina erez, a impoverished, Mayan woman who was then liberated by the local popul

Amnesty report slams alumina mine run by Vedanta subsidiary in India

Limpopo Community Pickets against Angloplat's Suing Richard Spoor!

Gas plant pipedream a nightmare

Blackfire adding threats to injury in Mexico

Trust sells Vedanta shares over human rights abuse

Peru Set to Open Last Refuges of the Amazon to Oil and Gas Drilling

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Indigenous rights ignored: activists

Ecuadorian Indians Call for 'Uprising' against Government

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