Innu Nation of Schefferville to file land rights law suit against Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Limited



Date of publication: 
4 June 2009

SCHEFFERVILLE, QUEBEC – Real McKenzie, Chief of the Innu Nation of Schefferville announced today that he and his Council are preparing to file a law suit against Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Limited. (TSX:CLM) (“Consolidated Thompson” or the “Company”)

“I have instructed my legal counsel to move rapidly to file legal procedures against CLM as we feel that our aboriginal rights and title have not been considered properly and fairly by Consolidated Thompson according to the Law,” said Chief McKenzie.

“Landmark cases such as Haida and Taku River decided by the Supreme Court of Canada require under the law that companies must consult and accommodate First Nations’ rights and interests in their traditional territories. The company knows very well that the Innu People and community have been in Aboriginal Land Claims discussions with Canada for over 30 regarding the area proposed for the mining project,” McKenzie added.

“The proposed mining of our traditional lands for resources and the destruction of our environment cannot proceed without our full, prior, and informed consent. We cannot and will not authorize without our consent the destruction of lands and resources that are of historical, spiritual, and economic significance for the Innu Nation of Schefferville. This is now a standard in business relations between the mining industry and the Aboriginal Peoples and we expect no less from the company than to abide by this standard,” added Chief McKenzie.

“Our purpose is not to challenge the Impact-Benefit Agreement signed by the Company with the Innu Takuaikan Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam (ITUM). Our intent is to affirm and assert our own Aboriginal Rights and Title to our traditional lands and resources,” said Chief McKenzie. “We cannot and will not accept a repeat of our experience with Iron Ore Company (IOC) whereby our lands and resources were exploited and destroyed by mining for 30 years and without any benefits for our children and our community.”

The Bloom Lake Iron Ore Property is located in Normanville Township, Duplessis County, Province of Quebec, on the south end of the Labrador Trough, approximately 300 km south of Schefferville, in an area that has been formally accepted by Canada as traditional lands occupied and claimed by the Innu. The Bloom Lake deposit is situated approximately 10 km north of the Mount-Wright iron ore mining operation of ArcelorMittal Mines Canada.

The project will also need the approval of a new 31 kilometre (“km”) single-track railway line extending from the Bloom Lake iron ore mine loading facilities to the existing railway line between the Wabush Mines installations and the Quebec North Shore & Labrador Railway.

The current mine plan of 16 million tons of annual production of iron ore would position Consolidated Thompson as a significant iron ore producer with quality, low cost assets in Quebec.


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