Resettled Mozambique families protest against Brazil's Vale

Date of publication: 
11 January 2012

JOHANNESBURG – Families resettled by Brazilian mining giant Vale in the Tete region of Mozambique protested on Tuesday that the company had failed to keep promises it made to them in 2009.

About 700 families, resettled approximately 60 kilometres away from the Moatize coal mining site, demonstrated against the lack of access to water, electricity and agricultural land at their resettlement Cateme area.

“Many promises made by Vale before they resettled us here have not been accomplished since 2009,” said community leader Eduardo Zinocassaka.

Vale refused to comment, saying it had an agreement with the local government, which would release an official comment on Wednesday morning.

The families were resettled between November 2009 and December 2010.

“Last December we sent a document-complaint to the government of Moatize District requesting their official intervention to solve the problems faced by the communities, and as we saw the government’s incapacity, we decided to demonstrate,” Zinocassaka told Reuters by phone.